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More and more students are convinced that considerable value is added to their higher education if at least part of it is obtained in a foreign country. You learn about other cultures and other ways of thinking. In societies where globalization and international contacts are increasingly important, such knowledge can serve you well.

To study is to invest in your future. You are investing not only money, but also time. Higher education costs you several years of your life. But it determines to a large extent the contribution you will make later to the welfare of your family and the society in which you live. So, therefore starting higher education you must take several crucial decisions. What shall I study? Where? How can I make sure to choose options that will help me get to where I want to be in society?

The following websites describe the many possibilities that the Netherlands offer in this area:

Netherlands organisation for international co-operation in Higher Education

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Association of Universities in the Netherlands

Federation of Institutes for International Education in the Netherlands

National Library of the Netherlands

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